Greetings from Cleveland, Ohio

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Greetings from Cleveland, Ohio

Unread postby jwboyesjr » Wed Nov 29, 2017 7:48 pm

I started several years ago when I purchased the Trainz2009/2010 package and installed it on my Win 7 laptop. Never could get it to work right (video problem). Just got a new computer so that I could play Civilization and found that this graphic card would also play that older software quite well. I put TANE on my Christmas list and a day or two ago my daughter downloaded the platinum package for me to install. Works out to be an early Christmas gift. I'm getting it downloaded and set up and am slowly going through the tutorials. I am reading the Auran forums and finding some other sites to join and this was one of them.

My interest is primarily operation and I enjoyed the ones that came with 2010. I haven't downloaded anything yet even though I have the 30 days that came with the Platinum package. I don't really want to design routes or operating equipment and not knowing much about real railroads, I am looking to try some things to get a grip on how they operate. I am hoping that some of the available routes will help with that.


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