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New Member Introduction

Unread postby darkbrown » Fri Jun 16, 2017 9:01 pm

Hi my name is Dave, I have been with TRAINZ since 2004. I currently run 2012 on my system.
I have a lower end system running a GeForce 240 card, having changed it from a 210.
I would like a better graphic system, but I am now retired.

Shane I remember your 9000 class which I did have a copy of, but lost in a major computer crash.
It was however under another username and a little while ago now. My passion is American Locomotives; especially
steam. So I now concentrate on the Y6B and the like. I still search for the 9000 but as you are aware its not possible
to get a copy.

I look forward to reading all your stuff and assistance that a forum like this provides.



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