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Comparing Railsimulator TS2016 with Trainz Sim 12

Posted: Wed Jun 29, 2016 11:47 am
by davies_mike57
Hello members,

A couple of years ago I purchased a PC hard copy of Railworks 3 Railsimulator TS2012 from a software shop.
The copy was actually a Steam version and did not get to install onto my computer because of internet bandwidth problems.
Well four years later loaded in the software and surprisingly Steam updated the version to TS 2016 as a bonus.

Very impressed with the layouts and scenarios provided:
Cajon Pass
Castle Rock
East Coast UK
Great Western UK
Hedinborough Port
Seebergahn Germany
Somerset Dorset Line UK
These are just some of the excellent routes provided with the downloaded game.
The game also provides a sample of scenarios for each route and there is a special learning route in the Academy folder for game user training purposes.

Compared to the Trainz Simulator 12 very good and rated both at 9 out of 10.

The editor in Train Simulator 2016 was a bit more complex to understand in creating a route or scenario.
Needs some time to understand all the commands.
There are several PDF documents that are supplied with the software that are very informative on how to create a route or scenario for the game.

The Trainz Simulator 12 route and session editor was proved to be more user friendly.

Anyway now having some fun and exploring the routes of the Railsimulator TS 2016 for a while.

Happy railway modelling.

:) davies_mike57